Our choices of helpful books and other resources.

The book below has quizzes and info to help you determine your God-given gifts and unique brain make-up.  Everything by Dr. Leaf points out the importance of right thinking and she is very Biblical!

I found the little book below at Walmart.  It is very helpful!  Dr. Colbert strikes me as one of the most balanced and kind-hearted Christian health writers around.

I just finished reading the book pictured below.  It can also be purchased directly from Bro. Kurath's website, http://www.divinelydesigned.com/.  

Every serious student of the Bible needs a copy of Strong's Concordance.   

I love the ministry of Joyce Meyer!  Her ideas have helped me greatly to find peace and joy in spite of struggling with anxiety.  My husband, who has bipolar disorder (and has spent time hospitalized for it) also is helped by her teaching.

I've been listening to Michael Lloyd on the Mind and Soul website.  Great stuff!  His book is shown below.

Every serious student of the Bible needs a copy of Strong's Concordance.  


I use the Bible below for a lot of my study.

I've used the Bible below for years.  It's my basic church-going Bible.  It has Creation science notes throughout which support the idea of a literal interpretation of the Creation account in Genesis.

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