About Us

I'm Barbara Wood, Christian, poet, writer, musician, wife, mother.  I live in beautiful central Missouri. In August, 2014, I received a Master of Theology in Christian Counseling degree from Summit Bible College, Bakersfield, CA. I have also completed training as a Life Recovery Coach. I am a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC).

I am developing this website as part of a vision I have to help Christians find the help they need when faced with emotional and spiritual stresses, either in themselves or in friends and family.  I feel like there is a great need for such information and help.  It seems as if anxiety, depression, phobias, and many other mental disorders are on the rise among believers.  While this is not the place to discuss the reasons for this rise, the need for Biblical advice seems crucial.  So much of what is on the internet or presented from the pulpits is either...

Worldly naturalistic "science" and not Biblical, or...

New age "spiritualism" and not Biblical, or...

Opinionated and dogmatic, claiming to be Biblical, but denying the value of Christian psychology and ignoring the real problems as though they don't exist.

I hope to counteract these trends. I believe firmly that recovery is possible through the help of the Lord and through applying wise practices and principles.

As a Life Recovery Coach, I can help you as you navigate through the 12 Steps approach developed originally by Alcoholics Anonymous and used in many self-help support groups. As a Christian and Bible student, I will pray with you and help you find wisdom from God for your own particular situation.

There are some life challenges I am particularly well acquainted with, which include.....

*Families who want to get by on one income so Mom can stay home with the kids.

*Women having a tough time with the emotional ups and downs of menopause.

*Christians who "know that they know" they are heaven-bound, but who still lack satisfaction, peace, and joy in their walk with God.


If you'd like to hear some of my original Christian folk music, visit me at http://www.myjonesmusic.com/code/music/band/1689

If you're wondering about this "self-portrait,"  I am a firm believer in the usefulness of journaling and even doodling to express oneself.  This is part of a doodled page in one of my journals.  I've had the tooth fixed since then.  :-)

That's the real me below, fern leaf, wrinkles, and all.

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