Below, you will find links to free printable, downloadable tracts, articles, Bible Studies, poems, posters, and more to help you on your journey to mental wholeness in the Lord.

Site is under construction. Stay tuned for more downloads!

The "Irritability tract" is a look at what the Bible says about feeling irritable.  It is in the format of a tri-fold tract that can be printed on both sides of a sheet of paper.  

"Who I am in Christ" is a Bible Study in the form of a greeting card that can be printed on both sides of a sheet of cardstock, folded, and shared with someone who needs encouragement.

The Shopping List is certainly not perfect!  I meant for you to be able to edit it, but it opens as "read only."  It also spills onto a second page which I didn't intend.  But maybe it can still help someone figure out how to organize grocery buying on a tight budget.

New Years Card.pdf New Years Card.pdf
Size : 33.909 Kb
Type : pdf
Irritabilty tract.pdf Irritabilty tract.pdf
Size : 96.477 Kb
Type : pdf
Ps 103 poster.pdf Ps 103 poster.pdf
Size : 23.264 Kb
Type : pdf
Who I am in Christ.pdf Who I am in Christ.pdf
Size : 80.27 Kb
Type : pdf
Master Shopping List.doc Master Shopping List.doc
Size : 23 Kb
Type : doc
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