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NOTE:  We have not examined every aspect of these sites, so we do not necessarily endorse everything said on every one of these sites.  They each appear to be coming from a compassionate and balanced viewpoint, so they are offered here in hopes of your finding some help.  This site offers information about inner healing.  It offers a couple of downloadable lessons on pulling down strongholds..  Here you can order the fine book I Will Give You Rest:  How You Can Experience the Peace Jesus Promised, by Ed Kurath.  He also offers a lot of helpful information about inner healing, including a free workbook to use with the book.  If you've never watched or listened to the preaching of Joyce Meyer, you really should.  She offers a great deal of Biblical advice about overcoming a painful past and developing a joyful attitude regardless of circumstances.  Access her TV program, radio program, and catalog here.

Biblical Foundation for Mental Health is a free online counseling course about sanctification.

Hopefully this link will take you to midlife articles written by Jim and Jan Conway who thoroughly cover all the psychological aspects of midlife and menopause from a Christian perspective. is the website of the Narramore Christian Foundation, "Your resource for Christian Psychology."  Lots to read and learn here.  This site gives information about how the local church family can support those in their midst who struggle with mental health issues.  A Christian site with a lot of articles about mental health.  Appears to be a bit more conservative than some.  You can read a few articles here about mental health, written by yours truly.  This is the website of Dr. Caroline Leaf, a Christian brain expert.  She has compiled much research about the effect of our thought life on our mental well-being.  Interesting stuff!  I just discovered this ministry, which is all about worship, artistic expression, journaling, and music.  I think these people are on the right track!  A nice Christian website devoted to chronic illness.

Here's a nice article on Christianity and Mental Illness that puts things pretty much the way I've come to believe them.

Mind and Soul is a really nice UK website.  Here are some very nice examples of journal entries.  Discovered Dr. Janet Maccaro's website and like the Christian emphasis and natural options offered.  This link takes you to her articles on various aspects of good health including emotional health.  Dr. Randy Carlson's site.  We heard his radio program recently and were very moved by it.  Much help for those going through hard times!

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